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Solar box cookers
Due Date: 9/25/2017
Subject: Science

Solar box cooker word documents for  Cores A, B, C, D and a separate Core E can be found in my downloads link above.


Solar boxes and cookers
Due Date: 9/13/2017
Subject: Science

For parents a link to the new science standards:

Sept. 12

Cores A, B, C and D

 Sept. 11 Core E-

 Answer 4 questions handed out in class using the following links.

1.       Why are solar box cookers able to heat up inside?

2.       Why is there heat loss in the solar boxes?

3.       Why does the angle at which the sun’s ray strike the Earth vary? (may need to google that)

4.       Why are reflectors used in the construction of the box?

 Check these links out for ideas. Look around for good ways to make a cooker. I will give you plastic wrap and aluminum. Make sure you know what the aluminum and wrap are used for.


 Sept. 9  classwork -worksheet with answers


Science survey
Due Date: 9/10/2017
Subject: Science

Dear yellow team students,

Here is a short  student online survey for you to take. Please ask your parents to fill out the parent survey. The survey will help me  understand how we can work together successfully:

Dear Yellow team parents, 

Please take a few minutes to fill out the parent survey


Coming soon
Due Date: 7/8/2017
Subject: Science

On August 7, 2017 I will post a link on this page of a brief online student science survey for yellow team students and a parent survey. Please take the time to complete it. This information is between you and me. It will help me make the school year more interesting for all my students. Thanks!

Don't miss this event on August 21  there will be a solar eclipse follow the link: