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Jennifer  Merck
7th Grade Violet Team Math
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Math Class Info 

Welcome to Ms. Merck's web-page!!  



This website will give you general information on Ms. Merck's math class. 

Ms. Merck will be posting daily homework assignments on this website and they can be found on the calendar.

Please see below for general info on my class



Units of study:


Unit 1:  The Real Number System

Unit 2:  Rational Number Operation

Unit 3:  Algebraic Expression

Unit 4: Algebraic Equations and Inequalities

Unit 5:  Direct Proportion

Unit 6: Angle Properties and Straight Lines

Unit 7:  Geometry

Unit 8:  Statistics and Probability

Unit 9:  Exponents (accelerated only)

Unit 10:  Scientific Notation (accelerated only)



Always Remember the three B's:   


Be Responsible

Be Respectful

Be Safe 





Grades are based on the student’s performance in their homework, quizzes, tests and performance based activities as well as their participation in class. 


All tests and quizzes must be completed in pencil.  If pen is used on a quiz, 5 points will be deducted from the grade and 10 points on a test. 


Grades are based on percentages:

Tests and Projects = 35%        

Quizzes and Performance Tasks = 30%

Participation/Classwork = 20%

 Homework = 15%                




Homework is a reinforcement of topics previously taught.  It is an opportunity for students to practice and improve their skills.  Students should be able to do homework independently.  Homework is a time to practice independently, not learn new material.


 Homework is given on a regular basis if not on a daily basis.  It will be checked daily for completeness not correctness.  Students are expected to make corrections with a pen when we go over it in class. 


 Late homework assignments will not be accepted.  Students will not receive credit for homework left in their lockers or books.  I will try to post all homework assignments on my website on a nightly basis.


 Homework is graded out of 5 points.  Points are given based on the following criteria:


5 points = fully complete

3 points = the majority of the assignment is complete; a good attempt was made

0 points = not complete or not turned in





 If a student misses 3 homework assignments during the course of a quarter/term, that student will be put on "homework watch."  This entails letting the parents/guardians know that their student has missed 3 homework assignments during the current term as well as a conference with the student on ways to help them complete their homework.

If a student misses 5 homework assignments during the course of a quarter/term, that student will be asked to come either during Study Hall or after school to complete both current and missed math homework.



Extra Help



All students are encouraged to seek help when they are struggling on topics.  I expect every student to need help at some point in time during the school year.  Students should not wait until the night before a quiz or test to get help on a topic they do not understand.


Extra help sessions can be scheduled after school until 2:45/3:00 or during school (lunch or study hall).  Please let me know ahead of time!


During the fall season I am not available to stay after school due to coaching the girls Middle School soccer team. Therefore, I will make myself available before school, during lunch time and during Study Hall time.