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My Mission....

Reading for pleasure and surrounding oneself with good writing are such enjoyable experiences. My goal each year is for each child to enjoy something we read in class. I know I cannot please everyone all of the time, but as long as each student finds one piece of literature he or she truly enjoys, that child may go on to read even more. To me, the best compliment I can get as a teacher is when a student says to me that he or she has picked up a book that I had recommended and enjoyed it. I know that I have done my job. To that end, I try my very best to introduce them to books and writing I think they will enjoy in hope they will become lifelong readers.

I also strive to teach the students the life lessons they need to solve problems and challenges effectively. Every unit we cover connects to themes which will help us grow as citizens in our community and beyond.


  Please remember to be Respectful, Responsible and Safe!