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Annette  D.  Sauerbrunn
School Nurse/District Charge Nurse
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Qvhd-TIPS A Family Health Letter - Vol 28 No. 1 May 2014 "OH NO! NOT LICE!"

Welcome to the website of the North Haven Middle School  Health Office. Here you will find a grneral description of some of the health office policies, as well as the most commonly requested forms.

The following information can be found on this page:

  • When are school physicals required
  • Health screenings
  • Requirements for playing NHMS sports
  • Immunization requirements
  • When to keep your child home
  • Notifying the school when your child will be absent
  • Exclusions from gym class
  • Information on CT HUSKY Insurance

The following most frequently used forms can be downloaded from the "Forms" link above:

  • Health Assessment Record ("School Physical" form)
  • Immunization requirements, by grade
  • General medical requirements
  • Medication Authorization form
  • Field Trip permission slip
  • HUSKY insurance form (English and Spanish)


The Sports Packet for Athletics Registration can now be found onlineClick here.

When Are School Physicals Required?

Physicals are certain immunizations are required for entry into Preschool, Kindergarten, and grades 7 and 11. The physical must be completed on the blue "State of Connecticut Health Assessment Record", which can be found in the Forms section. Students newly enrolled must also meet the appropriate requirements for the grade they are entering.


Health screenings are done by the school nurse and/or trained volunteers, which may include school staff members, according to the following schedule:

Vision (distance only)- Kindergarten through Grade 6, and again in Grade 9

Hearing- Kindergarten through Grade 3, Grade 5, and Grade 8

Postural (scoliosis, or spinal curvature)- Grades 5 through 9. This screening may be waived during Grade 6 if it was already done by the health care provider and noted on the blue form that is required for entering 7th grade.




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