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Math Class Info 



Units of study:

Unit 1:  The Real Number System

Unit 2:  Rational Number Operation

Unit 3:  Algebraic Expression

Unit 4: Algebraic Equations and Inequalities

Unit 5:  Direct Proportion

Unit 6: Angle Properties and Straight Lines

Unit 7:  Geometry (including Circles from 6th grade textbook)

Unit 8:  Statistics and Probability






The purpose of homework is to provide opportunities to practice and improve skills or gain further knowledge or understanding.  Homework also teaches lessons that cannot be measured:  self-discipline, perseverance and time management.  Homework teaches how to begin a task, complete it and be responsible for the outcome.

  • Homework will be assigned nearly every night.
  • Students must bring the assignment to class to get credit for it. No late homework accepted.
  • Homework will be corrected by the student in class and kept in the student's notebook or folder to use as a reference when preparing for tests or quizzes.
  • A homework grade will be based upon the completion of homework, not the amount of correct answers.
  • All work must be shown to get full credit.




Grades/Extra Help

Grades will be based on the student's performance on quizzes and tests, projects and homework completion.

Students are encouraged to seek extra help as needed before quizzes or tests.  Time can be set up during the school day or after school at a mutually agreed upon date.







Required Materials



You will need the following items for class every day:

*Math Textbook

*Pencil and sharpener that holds the shavings OR Mechanical pencil w/ extra leads OR Pen


*1-inch binder with notebook paper and dividers

*Your Assignment Book

*A pencil box/case to hold your supplies

Be sure you have a calculator for use at home.








Who's Who on the Red Team

A212     Mrs. Proto         Math/Team Leader

A214    Mrs. Giordano  Language Arts

A213     Mr. Bunton        Social Studies

A201   Mr. Dagliere      Science





Math Department Info



All students must complete a summer math assignment.  It is due the first week of school.  You can find info on the No Haven Middle School website. 

Online Math Homework and Other Math Websites
All students now have a user name and password to access a website Moby Max.  Students need to complete 30 minutes on Moby Max each week, beginning on Fridays and due by midnight on the following Thursday.
Topics assigned on Moby Max may be ones we are currently studying for extra practice/reinforcement or they may be topics which we will be studying at the end of the year to give students a chance to practice them before our benchmark assessments and SBAC testing in the spring
Here are some other websites that have tutorials and/or fun activities to practice skills:

Improper Fractions and Mixed Numbers

Equivalent Fractions

Comparing Fractions

Simplifying Fractions


Fractions and Decimals