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Class Schedule  

Happy New Year!

Students became familiar with our new unit today by thinking about and discovering what it means to be a hero. Over the next few days in class, we will watch some video clips and read some articles about heroes--whether they be everyday heroes or ones throughout history. Together, the class will establish criteria for a hero. They will use this criteria throughout their readings and discussions in their book clubs. In the end, students will write an argumentative essay in defensive of the main character in their novel. Students will choose from several novels on Monday. They will make a schedule in their group. It is important to check in with your child to find out what they have to do for homework in their book club as every group will have a different reading schedule. 

Other things to come in January:

  • Field trip forms due 1/3
  • Benchmark Assessment 1/5
  • Vocabulary list #7 will be assigned Friday 1/5 with a quiz on Friday 1/12 (Kahoot). Don't forget the practice site: 



  • No school 1/15
  • Field Trip to see The Greatest Showman 1/18
  • Vocabulary list #8 will be assigned Friday 1/19 with a quiz on Friday 1/26 (Paper). Don't forget the practice site: 






Welcome to November! 

Currently students are engaged in a narrative unit. We are reading passages from Tom Sawyer in class and discussing Twain's use of narrative techniques as a whole class and/or small group. Students are reading The Outsiders on their own and then coming to class to discuss the narrative techniques used by S.E. Hinton. On the third day of a "cycle" they are developing their own narrative after analysis of a particular technique (i.e. Character development, plot/conflict development, setting/mood development). An overview of this unit was shared with the students before the first day and it is posted under "Narrative" in file manager. As we proceed, I will upload documents I hand out in this section.


Other news: 


*We are on Vocabulary List #4. There is a practice assignment due Friday 11/3 and there will be a quiz on the words on Friday 11/3 as well. This list and the practice assignment are under "Vocabulary" in the File Manager section. This link provides practice tests and games for every lesson in our vocabulary book: 




*Term 1 ends this Thursday 11/2


*No school for students on 11/7 or anyone on 11/10


*The Outsiders play is being held at the school on 11/14 


*Signup for parent conferences (letters were sent home and I posted directions on my Instagram and Remind apps) which will be held on the 14th and 15th. Students have a minimum day both these days.





Cut and paste this link into a new window to practice vocab!


October Language Arts

1. Midterm 10/2: Half way through the first term!

2. Tuesday 10/3: Students choose story for analysis, read and annotate

3. Wednesday 10/4: Students do a second reading and fill out evidence chart 

4. Thursday 10/5: Students develop thesis statement, with support

5. Quiz on Vocab List 2 (in files), review sample introductions

6. Tuesday-Friday 10/10-10/13: Students type papers, step by step with teacher model and guidance


8. New Unit begins week of 10/16 


September Language Arts

1. Students took Benchmark (results will be given 9/18)

2. Students took Summer Reading Test (scores in PS)

3. Students took a pre test which we used to review the elements of fiction (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0LLnJgzmOa4) and literary devices (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uCMniNKxLFk)

4. Students chose an independent reading novel that they should be reading and keep with them at all times

5. We read Lamb to the Slaughter (text in file manager) and watched the film (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K1sBQZfDh0I&t=1s)

6. We read The Monkey's Paw (text in file manager), watching the film (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ugjegclLNhM&t=1s), and compared literary devices in text to film techniques (glossary in file manager) film

7. Students are keeping a journal and completing entries in class. Journals will be graded after 5 entries. A list of entries can be found under file manager. First due date 9/27  

8. Vocabulary List #1 was assigned 9/15 a quiz on words was given 9/22 (list of words and definitions and practice story in file manager). 

9. Read Three Skeleton Key (text in file manager)

10. Read After 20 Years and discussed irony in the story (text and irony questions in file manager). You tube clips we watched on irony: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j1bfOBBl6pQ and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tqg6RO8c_W0

11. Read Big Things Come in Small Packages and respond to imbedded questions 1-9 (text in file manager)

12. Vocab #2 assigned 9/29 study for quiz 10/6. Practice 2 due Wednesday 10/4 (list of words and practice sheet in file manager)