General Music Information

Information for all General Music Classes  

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Required Materials:

Students should be prepared for each class by having something to write with and any other required materials for that day (i.e. homework, project, etc.).  On days we are in the lab, students are encouraged to bring wired headphones or earbuds.

Course Goal:

By understanding the elements of music; students will be able to create, perform, and respond to a variety of genres of music which will prepare them to be life-long learners and consumers of music.

Information about the daily behavior grade

  5 points, No problems

  4 points, 1-2 problems

  3 points, 3-4 problems

  2 points, 5-6 problems and/or sent to the hall

  1 point, 7+ problems

  0, sent to office

Problems are defined as (but not limited to): talking out, making noises, throwing things, hitting someone, not following teacher's directions, swearing, using inappropriate words, making inappropriate gestures, or any other behavior that disrupts the learning process and/or refusing to do class work/activity.