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Dear Parents and Students,

It has recently come to my attention that there is much confusion surrounding missing and make up work.  Allow me to clarify how these things are handled in Language Arts on the Silver Team,

1.  Poor grades and missing assignments can be "made up" at any time during the marking period.

2.  Given the option to re-do assignments, there is NO EXTRA CREDIT WORK.

3.  It is the student's responsibility to contact the teacher if they want to fix their grade

          **Parents:  I know it is a time of great growth for your child.  The best thing you can do is encourage your child to act on their own behalf.  They should come see me.  The worst thing you can do is to contact me and try to fix your child's problem.  The latter does not teach children the life skill of advocating for themselves and solving their own problems.

4.  The time for a student to contact the teacher to make a plan is during study hall. Trying to take care of these matters in the hall, during class or on the way to the bus is inappropriate and impractical.  Study hall is the time and the place for this sort of business.

5.  Once the teacher and the student make a plan, the student is expected to come for any help needed during lunch and study. 

          **Parents:  This gives your child the opportunity for 5 (five) hours of "extra help" every week.

6.  The biggest reason students are missing work or failing assignments is because they do not do their work when they are required to finish up on their own.

          **Parents:  By 6th grade it is understood that students will have 60 minutes of homework every night.  If they say they "did it in study", they have only done half, at best.  There is still 30 minutes to do at home.  This means the question is no longer: Do you have any homework?  The new question, here in the middle school, is now: What are you going to do for homework?

7. The 60 minutes of homework time is the perfect place to work on fixing any grades that the students (or parents) may be unhappy with!

8.  STAYING AFTER SCHOOL is the absolute last resort and reserved for the students who are in an extreme state of misunderstanding.

          **Parents:  Given the many opportunities for the students to get help during the week, and given the fact that students are not fully utilizing their homework time to its fullest, Staying after with the teacher is reserved for only the most needy students.  It is not a place where a student just sits and does their homework.  It is not a substitute for homework time in the home.  Additionally, Staying after school is based on student needs as determined by the teacher.  Parent requests will be considered only after all other options have been exhausted.  Under no circumstance can a parent demand that the teacher stay after school.  That is not how the Silver Team at the middle school functions.

9.  If a student continues to struggle, a parent conference with the team will be necessary to evaluate the students approach to his/her homework and home study time, as well as their use of study hall and their efforts to meet with their teacher to solve their problems.

10. It is a common theme that students fail or perform poorly because they tell their parents that there is no homework, or that they did it in study.  This "miscommunication" is the number one cause of failure. 

          **Parents:  Set the tone.  Provide the space and support.  There is, at minimum, 60 minutes of homework per night. 


Sometimes we forget that this is all new you many of you, and we assume you naturally know how we do things.  I hope this helps clear up any confusion about the middle school process. 



Christian Gott