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Unit Test Thursday, 9/28  

Study guides (typed or flash cards) are due on Wednesday, 9/27.

All 3 notes packets (234-1, 234-2, & 234-3) are due on the test day.

And Away We Go!  

Welcome to a new year, everyone! A new year means a fresh start, so you can decide right now that this will be a successful year for you. Let’s all hit the ground running!


What parents & students can expect from me:

-Frequent emails with updates on what we have been doing in class and notifications of upcoming assignments & tests

-An up-to-date website, with assignments posted on the main page

-Access to all notes outlines and all PowerPoints (though without pictures) through the website

-Strong dedication to keeping our classes interesting and exciting

-My promise to do everything I can to help you/your student succeed


What is expected of students:

-We discussed our class expectations on the contract you brought home and signed, so we will just highlight a few here:

            -Respect each other

            -Come to class prepared to learn and to participate

            -Share your concerns with me

            -Stay positive. Use setbacks as motivators to do better next time.

            -Follow up on missed work after an absence


What is expected of parents:

-Your communication with me will facilitate a team effort to help your student be successful. Your student’s success is my top priority, so anything you can share with me about him/her as a learner is more than welcome.

-Share your email address with me, and check for my email updates

-As I said to the students, stay positive. Use setbacks as learning experiences. Recognize that no one goof is the end of the world. When a setback occurs, if I haven’t already reached out to you, please reach out to me and we will plan how best to move forward.

Also available under "File Manager"...  

...are study guides, "Studying & Test-Taking Tips" handout, and "General Writing Tips" handout.

If you missed some class notes...  

...you can download a copy of the notes outline from "File Manager," and you can copy the notes from the matching Powerpoint under "Presentations."