Subjects Taught
Language Arts




  •  Graduated from Southern Connecticut State University in 1995 with a

          Bachelor of Science: in English and Secondary Education


  •     Graduated from Southern Connecticut State University in 2010 with a

           Master of Science: in Remedial Reading/ L. Arts Specialist






I have been an English teacher for the North Haven Middle School for 19 years. I started the teaching profession as a 6th grade teacher on the Blue Team, and I am now teaching 8th grade English on the Navy Team.

Currently, I am a Union building representative for the Middle School, and a member of the Membership Committee. I also serve on the Member Development and Organization Committee.  

I am an advisor to the Chess Club.

In the past I have been:

  • an advisor for the H.O.P.E. Club. 
  •  have taught North Haven Adult Education classes in remedial reading.
  •  Co-advisor for one year of the Extended Day Program: advisor of the Harry Potter and the Lord of the Rings Extended Day programs.







      I enjoy traveling to National Parks such as Glacier, Yellowstone, Denali, and the Everglades. I have also traveled to the Arctic Circle twice. 

     I enjoy making latchhook rugs, reading, and visiting baseball stadiums. I have a strong interest in the works of Tolkien and Lewis, astonomy, and animals--especially cats.