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North Haven Middle School Yearbook


Baby Picture uploads - Directions (must be a jpg file, not a pdf)

We are looking for ONE baby – toddler age picture only. This year we will be including names to identify the photos in the yearbook so please include a first and last name with your photo.  Phone photos of photos do not usually come out clear enough to use.

Please only submit 1 photo per child.



Enter Login ID: 409883615

•  “Browse” to select the photo(s) you wish to upload, click on “Select My Images.”

*Photos without all required information or that are not of high enough resolution can not be used in the book.

*Scanning the pictures in or taking them to staples to scan them works best

* Taking a photo of a photo is almost never clear enough for the book


•  Carefully enter a valid e-mail address, and please use the student’s first and last name in both locations.               

• Click “Upload Chosen Images.”

It’s that easy! Submit your photos today!

The last day to submit your photos is:

 January 12, 2018  ext to 1/19/18 but that is REALLY it!!

We need all photos by: 1/12/2018- They can’t be submitted after this deadline!!!

The Yearbook Staff and Adviser will review all photos and determine final yearbook content.

***We cannot promise all pictures will be able to be used in the book.

Superlative Survey


Order now--  

I will not be ordering extra books for cash sale at the end of the year. Books must be ordered online to ensure a copy. Books will be $35 after Jan. 1 through approximately March 1. Please ensure that you order by then to get a book. There will be few, if any, books available at the end of the year.



Books ordered through the school until April 12, will be the regular price of $35.00.


Don't be left out! Order your book now to SAVE!!!


After April 12, spring books are not guaranteed and cost $40. Don't wait! Buy now...


Yearbook Staff: Here is the link to work on your pages